Ovarian Cancer Patient Presentation – Ob/Gyn Interest Group and ONC IG

On September 10, the OB/GYN Interest Group and the ONC Interest Group worked together to bring Dr. Markham and one of her patients, an ovarian cancer survivor, to speak at a lunch meeting in honor of Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Awareness Month (September). The patient graciously shared her story with us, including her perspective on her experience as both a cancer patient and a nurse at Shands. She and Dr. Markham also answered many questions and provided a lot of great information about the difficulties of early detection for ovarian cancer, along with their advice on creating an environment in which patients feel comfortable sharing their symptoms with you, no matter your specialty. Both of them stressed the importance of taking a holistic and patient-centered approach to medicine, and avoiding tunneling in on just your chosen specialty. It really was a wonderful and inspiring talk, and we look forward to wearing lots of teal this month and for many more partnerships with the ONC IG!